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As we begin the 2017/18 school year, we would like to introduce ourselves and also make you aware of some guidelines that will be in effect in order to ensure fiscal accuracy.

The following will need to be adhered to before, during, and after your event/fundraiser takes place:


  • At some point before your event (at least a week), you need to inform us how the participants of your event/fundraiser will pay (i.e. web site prepay, check, cash). If you need cash for the event (e.g. custodian tips, petty cash), please let us know in advance. Please keep in mind, we want to use our web site for all events unless it’s absolutely not possible.
  • Please provide a list of vendors used, so we know where to allocate the money when we pay the bills.
  • After your event, if you have collected cash/checks and left the money in the office, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can minimize the time that the money is sitting in the office.
  • If participants of your event require a refund, please notify us so we can adjust the relevant account.
  • To avoid delay for reimbursement, a reimbursement form must be attached to all of your receipts
  • If your event requires food, and you are using a vendor that Deerfield already uses for our lunch program (i.e La Strada), DO NOT USE the Deerfield account to pay for this. Pay out of pocket and submit for reimbursement using the reimbursement form.
  • We won’t be able to help you to keep track of the details of your event without all the input from you. If you want more financial details about your event (i.e. revenue/cost of each subcategory), please inform us of as much information as possible prior to the event taking place.


Our contact information is as follows:

Rumy Sidhu:  201-952-5688 -----

Yan Kong: 201-562-7021 -----


We look forward to working with you this year!



Rumy Sidhu and Yan Kong


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